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By Adrian Arroyos

We’re Google AdWords Certified

On 09, Oct 2014 | In Announcements | By Adrian Arroyos

Yup, We're Google AdWords Certified

We’re AdWords Certified

We recently had the opportunity to receive a limited edition, framed certificate to demonstrate our official AdWords Certification. It sure beats the usual web confirmation screen that you can sorta print into a certificate.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at creating a Google AdWords account, you know that it’s deceptively easy to set up, but getting consistent value or ROI from your campaigns takes knowledge, testing, discipline, analysis and a lot of creative thinking. If that was missing from your past AdWords experiments, contact us and we can help you set up smart campaigns that support your objectives.

Google is Shaking Things Up Again

On a side note, Google is in the midst of rolling out the Panda 4.1 update (they’re calling it a “slow” rollout). In case you don’t know, Panda is a Google ranking factor that is meant to detect and filter out low-quality pages (aka, “thin” content). Google is also expected to refresh the Penguin algorithm in the coming week. Penguin was last refreshed Oct. 4, 2013, and it penalizes websites with an unnatural backlink profile (for example, sites with a large number of highly-optimized paid or reciprocal backlinks). If you fixed your backlink profile through backlink removal requests or submission of a disavow file by mid-September of this year, you should be in the clear according to Google. If not, it’s time to straighten our your backlink issues before the next update.

Be on the lookout for any major fluctuations in your traffic for the month of October!

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