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Featured Design Projects

Bella Terra Cosmetics Bella Terra Cosmetics Bella Terra Cosmetics Bella Terra Cosmetics Bella Terra Cosmetics

On 06, Jun 2012 | In | By Adrian Arroyos

Bella Terra Cosmetics

Client: Bella Terra Cosmetics Group

Description: Bella Terra Cosmetics offers a full line of all-natural, mineral-based makeup, skincare, brushes and anti-aging products. Our redesign centered on delivering visual sophistication, clarity and a simple, robust shopping experience.

Technology: Customized Magento Commerce, WordPress

Responsibiilties: Strategic Consulting, Marketing support, Design/UI, Programming, Development, Product Photography, Print collateral

Cocovina Inc. Cocovina (Homepage) Cocovina (Product) Cocovina (Gallery)

On 08, Jun 2012 | In | By maggie

Cocovina Inc.

Client: Cocovina Inc.

Description: Cocovina Inc. produces coconut fiber and coconut peat. Low tech, right? Wrong. This company is producing high-quality product for agricultural and industrial uses, at a plant in Vietnam designed and operated to U.S. standards.

Factor in a naturally-sustainable product (this is the part of the coconut others dispose of to sell the kernel), bio mass power and other environmentally-friendly touches, and you’ve got the a company to watch in the coming years.

Responsibilities: Consulting, Design/UI, Development, Marketing support

Visit Site:

Discount Pharmacy Discount Pharmacy Discount Pharmacy

On 27, Jun 2014 | In | By Adrian Arroyos

Discount Pharmacy

Client: Discount Pharmacy

Description: This pharmacy website design for an independent Houston compounding pharmacy provides business information, online prescription forms and innovative offerings like an instant, printable pharmacy discount card and free children’s multi-vitamins.

Technology: WordPress CMS

Responsibilities: Consulting, Design/UI, Programming, Development, Marketing

Visit Site:

KOR Professional KOR Professional (Product Page) KOR Professional (Product Page) KOR Professional (Product Page)

On 08, Jun 2012 | In | By Adrian Arroyos

KOR Professional

Client: Kor Professional

Description: Kor Professional manufactures ceramic flat irons and curlers as well as a line of hair care products and accessories. An important aspect was letting consumers know WHY ceramic is superior, which is addressed front and center on the homepage.

We designed an easy-to-navigate Magento storefront with a clean, modern look.

Technology: Magento Commerce

Responsibilities: Design/UI, Cart customization and theming, Technology integration, Marketing Support/Branding, Package Design, Photography

HairEcape Hairecape (Product) Hairecape (Story)

On 07, Jun 2012 | In | By maggie


Client: nxtIdea

Description: You’re sitting in your favorite salon and the stylist is working magic on you when your phone starts ringing in your pocket or you hear a message alert you’ve been waiting for… What do you do? With hairecape, you no longer have to interrupt the stylist to check your phone.

hairecape’s innovative design provides a cut-away window that lets you read, message, watch or play your favorite games on a device without getting in the way. Smart.

Technology: Magento Go Commerce

Responsibilities: Consulting, Design/UI, Development

FasciaDerm Foot Supports FasciaDerm (FAQs)

On 07, Jun 2012 | In | By Adrian Arroyos

FasciaDerm Foot Supports

Client: Applied BioKinetics

Description: Plantar fasciitis is a common health issue that affects athletes, professionals and anyone who spends lots of time on their feet. There are all types of orthotic devices, shoes and surgical procedures available, but FasciaDerm has carved a unique niche for itself by being non-surgical AND highly effective for patients.

This web site was originally built by another firm on Volusion’s hosted e-commerce platform, but the template was ineffective and very disorganized. We kept some elements of the basic structure, but redesigned the layouts to feature homepage slider, large product images and easy shopping controls…all of which have led to a better shopping experience.

Responsibilities: Consulting, Design/UI, Theme Development

Visit Site:

Balance International Balance International (Clients) Balance International (Clients) Balance International (FAQs)

On 07, Jun 2012 | In | By Adrian Arroyos

Balance International

Client: Balance International

Description: You have insurance, but unless you’ve been through a major loss, you might not know that insurance companies are really not interested in paying out full coverage amounts if they can help it. Balance International is a professional loss consultant firm that can step in and represent you in settlements, oftentimes negotiating amounts that customers thought they deserved but had almost given up hope on recovering.

Responsibilities: Consulting, Design/UI, Development

Advance Polybag, Inc. API Home page slide 2 API Bags API API API Contact Page

On 23, May 2013 | In | By Adrian Arroyos

Advance Polybag, Inc.

Client: Advance Polybag, Inc.

Description: Advance Polybag Inc.
Technology: Responsive Design Framework, WordPress

Responsibilities: Strategic Consulting, Design/UI, Programming, Development, Product Photography

Visit Site:

Mobile PAYware Mobile PAYware (How) Mobile PAYware (Apply)

On 07, Jun 2012 | In | By maggie

Mobile PAYware

Client: Mobile PAYware

Description: This website for a merchant account provider is centered on providing customers with information on Verifone’s industry leading mobile payment processing solution. Pairing a physical card reader, tough encryption and an easy to use app, you’ve probably already come across one of these in action.

The site features videos, benefits and new merchant applications.

Responsibilities: Design/UI, Branding, Marketing Materials

Xotic Naturals Xotic Naturals Xotic Naturals

On 07, Jun 2012 | In | By Adrian Arroyos

Xotic Naturals

Client: Xotic Naturals

Description: Ever wonder why shampoo and conditioner ingredients lists read like an Advanced Chemistry textbook? So did the founder of this small company, who decided to embark on a journey to create a great, natural (really) hair care line. After a year in development, and countless formula tests, this product is soon to go into distribution.

We took on the challenges of marketing a brand new product, educating the consumer and presenting the benefits in a crowded marketplace and the results speak for themselves.

Responsibilities: Consulting, Design/UI, Development, Product Photography