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By Adrian Arroyos

Responsive Website for Accredo Packaging

On 23, May 2013 | In Announcements | By Adrian Arroyos

We’re proud to announce that our website redesign for Accredo Packaging, Inc, a sustainable flexible packaging manufacturer, is now online.

Responsive Design

Accredo Packaging, Inc Homepage
Accredo Packaging made a huge splash in the packaging industry by building the first LEED® Silver Certified production facility of its kind in the United States. They also stuck to their vision of developing innovative technology at every step of the way in bringing their plant online… From a never-before-seen color management system to new ways of creating film structures, including compostable films and films made of renewable resins sourced from sugar cane.

Our redesign takes those qualities of innovation as a core concept. We started by creating a responsive website design framework. This means the website uses CSS media queries to display beautifully on large computer displays, as well as tablets and smartphones (no need to pinch and squeeze the mobile screen to zoom in or out). This is a design method we’ve employed consistently since early 2012 to deliver website designs that work on any device. Since then, we’ve seen that responsive design helps clients achieve higher page view counts and conversions from mobile customers.

We took that further by enhancing the homepage with a slider animation that builds elegantly and provide deep links…no Flash tricks, just standards-based HTML5, CSS and jQuery.

Photography Showcase

Accredo Pouches Photography
We also photographed the product packaging samples in order to give visitors a sense of the color rendition and detail across brands. If you want to know why certain products “jump off the shelves” when you stroll down an aisle, it usually comes down to package design. Accredo’s customers get this, and they get the added bonus of being able to work with a manufacturer that can provide solutions that meet WalMart’s strict standards for sustainable packaging.

You can learn more about Accredo Packaging’s offerings at:

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In Announcements

By Adrian Arroyos Site Launch

On 23, Apr 2013 | In Announcements | By Adrian Arroyos

We just got word that our clients at NxtIdea have just flipped the switch on… meaning that hair stylists, barbers and makeup artists now have a new way to upgrade their salons.

What is hairEcape?

hairEcape Home page

As you can see from the pic and video in this post, the hairEcape is a new style of cape with a full-view window that allows salon clients to keep on reading, texting, playing or watching on the device of their choice all throughout their appointment. It cuts down interruptions at the salon since the user doesn’t have to yank a phone or tablet out to see who’s calling, nor do they have to worry about jets of spray or falling hair on their gadgets.

This may turn out to be a game-changer…what do you think? Learn more about this innovative hair cape.

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