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In Announcements

By Adrian Arroyos

WordPress 4.4 Released

On 09, Dec 2015 | In Announcements | By Adrian Arroyos

Yesterday’s WordPress 4.4 release isn’t labeled a Security & Maintenance update. Instead it focuses on introducing new features that lay the groundwork for upcoming improvements for development. It also introduces the new, stock Twenty Sixteen theme, which provides a minimalist visual layout dedicated to blogging.

WordPress Twenty Sixteen Theme

WordPress 4.4 adds the new Twenty Sixteen theme to get you started.

Key aspects of WordPress 4.4 “Clifford”:

  • Improved Responsive Images
  • oEmbed Capability for embedding your WordPress posts into other sites
  • Taxonomy enhancements
  • Comment system improvements

Should you update to WordPress 4.4?

As usual, we recommend that anyone running WordPress SHOULD upgrade to the latest release to take advantage of the incremental improvements, as they usually range from new features to security and performance. Before updating, always backup your site files and database. If you’ve been lax about updating WordPress (or if you’ve put it off because of the level of customization in your site) create a “staging” site so you can test out the update and check for plugin compatibility.

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In Leverage

By Adrian Arroyos

Automatic Updates Come to WordPress

On 05, Nov 2013 | In Leverage | By Adrian Arroyos

It’s no secret that we love the WordPress platform around here. When you have a CMS that is so easy to manage – with tons of functionality being added every day – it’s not difficult to see why 19% of the world’s sites run on WordPress. Add in their famous 5-minute install, and how relatively easy it is to poke around “under the hood”, it’s all good right?

Well, maybe not entirely… Read more…

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