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Website Migration Authorization

    • Provision a new hosting account on my behalf
    • Set up and configure this new hosting account
    • Migrate a current copy my existing website (as of today's date)
    • Make performance optimization adjustments as required or agreed ahead of time
    • Make necessary DNS changes on my behalf to switch servers
    • Contact hosting tech support directly for any reason
    • Issues with data import/export, including data loss. A full backup of the original website will be kept in case of issues. Old host will not be deactivated until final approval of transfer.
    • DNS issues. Propagation times are most often quoted as taking 24-48 hours, but are usually seen within 15-30 minutes. Other potential issues can involve domain name mapping and two-factor authentication at registrar (if enabled), or issues with activating SSL certificates.
    • Broken links. We've discussed the potential for discovery of broken links and other resources, and agreed that these can be addressed after the move.

    By checking the Terms of Acceptance above I agree to hold Catalyst Studio harmless for any issues that arise as a result of the content transfer.

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